Principal Contractor Advisor

As a contractor on a construction project you may be required by your client to be appointed as Principal Contractor and in certain situations you may be deemed to act as a Principal Contractor, regardless of whether a formal appointment was made.

Whether you are acting as a sole contractor on a small project or the Principal Contractor on a larger project CDM 2015 requires you to discharge various duties.

Principal Contractor’s Duties

Plan, manage, monitor and co-ordinate the construction phase of a project, including:

  • liaising with the client and principal designer
  • preparing the construction phase plan
  • organising co-operation between contractors and co-ordinating their work.

Ensure that:

  • suitable site inductions are provided
  • reasonable steps are taken to prevent unauthorised access
  • workers are consulted and engaged in securing their health and safety
  • welfare facilities are provided.

Contractor’s Duties

Plan, manage and monitor construction work under their control so that it is carried out without risks to health and safety.

For single-contractor projects, prepare a construction phase plan

How Wills Design Partnership can help

WDP can act as an advisor to the Contractor / Principal Contractor, allowing you to both accept appointment from the client and discharge your duties.

We can also act as the Principal Contractor, where required, to ensure the client discharges their duty of appointing a Principal Contractor with the required skill, knowledge and experience.

We will provide you with a quality competitive service that will enable you to comply with your CDM duties with confidence and ensure you are CDM compliant.

If you require advice or more information please call WDP on 01752 309 844 / 01305 542 022

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